Upcoming Events

The Kingsley Brothers: Artists in Whately Glen

Thursday, March 16, 2023
7 p.m., Town Hall Auditorium

Elbridge and Lewis Kingsley grew up in Hatfield in the mid-1800s and created an impressive portfolio of photography, illustrations, and paintings of the Valley—including images of Roaring Brook and Whately Glen. Elbridge achieved world fame for his wood engravings and recruited leading artists to join him in Whately to work from nature. This talk is in conjunction with the WHS Roaring Brook exhibit and sponsored jointly by WHS and the Hatfield Historical Society.

Past Events

Fall Festival 2022

Snakes and reptiles of New England with Tom Tyning

Cider making with Paul Wetzel.

Seat weaving with Darcy Tozier

Music from the Packing Shed Band.