Whately Cemeteries

Discover the history of our cemeteries from their Massachusetts Historical Commission inventory forms:

Center Cemetery
East Whately Cemetery
Holy Ghost Cemetery
West Whately Cemetery

Whately Center Cemetery, 1991

Are your ancestors buried in Whately?

You may be able to learn more about them and see images of their graves thanks to Find a Grave:

East Whately Cemetery (records on 401 interments)
Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery (records on 173 interments)
West Whately Cemetery (records on 601 interments)
Whately Center Cemetery (records on 1064 interments)


Learn about preservation efforts at the three Whately cemeteries and how to care for family gravestones:

Whately Cemetery Preservation by Darcy Tozier and Paul Fleuriel, March 3,2016