Oral Histories

The Whately Historical Society has developed a large collection of oral histories that it is proud to make available with thanks to our local community cable channel FCAT, which taped the presentations.

Oral history CD's are available at the library, thanks to the CPA, or available for purchase from the Historical Society ($15 for one; $25 for a 2-CD set).  Click here for order form and list of oral histories. 

Some recent Whately Oral Histories are available on line thanks to FCAT community television.

The Farmers of Whately - full documentary
     LaSalle Florists
     Brookledge Sugar House
     Bean's Maple Distillery
     Evan's Apiary
     Enterprise Farm
     Nourse Farm

     Fairview Farms
     Nasami Farm
     Bear Path Compost
     Quonquont Farm
Tall Grass Alpaca Farm
J & J Maple Farm

Jim LaSalle, Farm Tales  May 4, 2017

Harold Swift, History of Tobacco Farming  Nov. 3, 2016

Whately Cemetery Preservation by Darcy Tozier and Paul Fleuriel, March 3,2016

Whately Farming in the 1850's by Dereka Smith, Oct. 6, 2016

When I-91 Came Through by Barry Dietz, March 5, 2018

Lois Bean, April 4, 2018

Mapping Conway's Old Roads and Foundations, the 1766 Road from Hatfield to Conway, by Bill Barnett, February 7, 2019

Curtains Without Borders by Chris Hadsel, September 11, 2019, discussing the history and restoration of the stage curtain at Town Hall.

Whately's Post Offices by Judy Markland, Nov. 7, 2019

Whately Stories of the Civil War by Dereka Smith, Februrary 6, 2020.

31st regiment