Whately Historical Society Museum

The Society's Museum contains over 4000 objects related to Whately's history - paintings, furniture, photographs, documents and an extensive collection of local pottery.

The museum is located at the historic Whately Town Hall, 194 Chestnut Plain Road, Whately.  It is open Tuesdays from 9 to 12 am and by special appointment.  We welcome visitors.



Whately History Resources

Oral Histories

Oral history CD's are available at the library, thanks to the CPA, or available for purchase from the Historical Society ($15 for one; $25 for a 2-CD set).  Click here for order form and list of oral histories. 

Some recent Whately Oral Histories are available on line thanks to FCAT community television.

The Farmers of Whately - full documentary
     LaSalle Florists 
     Brookledge Sugar House
     Bean's Maple Distillery
     Evan's Apiary
     Enterprise Farm
     Nourse Farm
     Fairview Farms
     Nasami Farm
     Bear Path Compost
     Quonquont Farm  
     Tall Grass Alpaca Farm 
     J & J Maple Farm

Jim LaSalle, Farm Tales  May 4, 2017

Harold Swift, History of Tobacco Farming  Nov. 3, 2016

Whately Cemetery Preservation by Darcy Tozier and Paul Fleuriel, March 3,2016

Whately Farming in the 1850's by Dereka Smith, Oct. 6, 2016

When I-91 Came Through by Barry Dietz, March 5, 2018

Lois Bean, April 4, 2018


Whately historical inventory forms now on line!
Many of Whately's historic buildings, structures, cemeteries and neighborhoods have been documented on forms on file with the Mass. Historical Commission.  These forms may now be viewed on line and downloaded via MACRIS, the Mass. Cultural Resource Inventory System.  Click on the link and follow the search directions to discover a vast trove of information about Whately's history.  Is your house there?

Are your ancestors buried in Whately?  
You may be able to learn more about them and see images of their graves at these links:
      East Whately Cemetery (records on 50 interments)
      West Whately Cemetery (records on 596 interments)
      Whately Center Cemetery (records on 141 interments)

HistoricMaps of Whately
Valley History has posted 11 historical maps of Whately on line dating from 1795 to 2005.  Click here to access their map page and then click on each map that interests you.

Benjamin Cooley map of 1830,  redrawn by Don Sluter.

Whately as I remembered it in 1880, a schematic drawing of the locations of households done in 1955.


Whately Scoop
The Scoop has all the rundown on Whately events and activities.  Click here for current and back copies.

Books and Publications

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*Reprinted by and available from the Whately Historical Society.

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